Glebe Teams of 3

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Nov 6, 2013
@piscatorial Thanks for letting me know; Mrs Piscatorial should buy you some beers to drown your sorrows whilst you're away :)

@Maesknoll You're in. I've got you down as wanting to run a superpool so if you still want to run one, I'll send people in your direction.


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Nov 6, 2013
Had a couple of hours spare this morning and completed the following:
  • List of current anglers / entry fee & pools sheet drawn up
  • Team / Section tickets - printed and ready
  • Weigh sheets drawn up and printed
  • Glebe match rule sheet - printed
  • Lake 1 aerial view of pegs and car parking - printed

    Payment information coming soon. If there’s anyone who already knows that they can’t make it, please let me know and I’ll add a reserve.


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Nov 6, 2013
With 18 down to fish and 3 reserves, if there’s 20 still wanting to fish nearer the time, I may increase the number slightly and do 5 x teams of 4. Will see nearer the time.

If anyone wants to pay their £10 peg to secure their place, PayPal** with your MD name/s as a reference:

** FRIENDS & FAMILY PLEASE ** or I only receive £9.41 for each payment.

or pm me for bank transfer details. Payment due by 30th September and I’ll pay the money to Roy in advance. Any Q’s, please ask.
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Apr 28, 2010
Venue: Lake 1 - The Glebe
Date: Saturday 23rd October 2021.

30 pegs available and given the time of year, I'll cap the match at 18 to give everyone fishing extra room.

In true Maggotdrowners spirit, the match will be as fair as possible for all abilities and a staggering 50% of you lucky anglers will go home with some dosh.

  • 6 teams with 3 anglers per team
  • 1 member from each team fishing in section A, B and C
  • Each angler will draw a piece of paper that says (for example): TEAM 4 SECTION A - so that angler will fish for team 4 in section A
  • Once all teams have been selected, anglers will then go on to draw their pegs
  • Each angler MUST weigh in as the winning teams will be decided on total TEAM weight
The cost for this fantastic event is an eye watering £20 all in, comprising of £10 peg fee and £10 pools.

This leaves us with £180 to pay out to the top 3 teams, as follows:
  • 1st £90 (£30 each)
  • 2nd £60 (£20 each)
  • 3rd £30 (£10 each)

Maesknoll is running an optional superpool.

  • Peg fees to be paid by 30th September (details nearer the date).
  • I will send reminders nearer the date but I will not chase you after 30th Sept.
  • Anyone not paid on by then will be removed from the list and a reserve added.
I’ll see Roy about where we do the draw (08.45 prompt), hopefully outside the marquee (if there's no other matches) and likely fishing 10.30am - 3.30pm.

I have 1 set of scales, weigh net and bar, @ulladubulla has kindly offered to bring another set.
Any help with weighing in will be greatly appreciated but won't guarantee you an envelope! ;)

Glebe website here:

Ariel view of the Glebe (with pegs) here:

Glebe Rules here:

1/ 160642fishing
2/ 90’sGear - PAID
3/ Arch - PAID
4/ crayfishtraps - PAID
5/ Dave
6/ Dirk
7/ kev coke
8/ Maesknoll (running superpool)
9/ Martin 25664 - PAID
10/ matt
11/ Mogz
12/ Neal ofthe nene
13/ notneeded
14/ Peter (Mugger)
15/ Scribe - PAID
16/ tysontim (compassionate peg)
17/ ulladubulla (bringing scales)
18/ Whisker (bringing scales) - PAID

1/ Jononcb
2/ Kingcarp8888
3/ chris1967
Long shot I know bit stick me on the reserve list please, unless you have another pool 🤪