Glebe Lake 1 16th July


Aug 12, 2010
Results for those interested.

Bilo came all the way from Spain to fish it and RobB had to stop and get some change for the 1 club pay outs that was his excuse for being late .

Cracking day and it looks like Lake 1 is returning to normal

15 anglers fishing 11 till 5

1. Bilo 223lb 14oz peg 16 Section 1st
2.Woody 190lb 2oz peg 28 Section 1st
3. Hillbilly 153lb 2oz peg 26 Section 2nd
4. Gav Norton 152lb 7oz peg 1 Section 2nd
5. Shogun969 151lb 4oz peg 24
6. Shorey666 147lb 11oz peg 8
7. PeteM 147lb 6oz peg 14
8. Cant Compete 130lb 2oz peg 22
9. LesH 120lb 6oz peg 6
10. Steve M90 108lb 6oz peg 11 and his first match ton well done that man
11. John Preedy 106lb 3oz peg 5
12. Coxx123 93lb 5oz peg 3
13. Blobby 67lb 4oz peg 20
14. Mighty Maggot 58lb 13oz peg 18 Winning Peg draw winner
15. RobB 54lb 14oz peg 30

cant compete

Regular member
Apr 28, 2010
Well ran nick. super days fishing in great company. I'm up for more matches as long as there on Sundays between members matches &[;)]