Getting Old

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Dec 4, 2001
Hello All ,it seem's sad thing's are the order of the day for me for a long while. Anyway you already know my dad's in hospital after a stroke ,anyhow weve been told he's unlikely to get any better now as he's stable ,&they've told us to find a nursing home for one with 24 hr nursing care as he cannot do anything for himself.weve been cleaning his house out what a sad day that it has to come to this,i felt like an intruder in his private world is this what the future hold's for some us that live to be a good age &unfotunate to have a stroke my dad's 85.weve had to involve Social Services for funding for the nursing home ,Until his is sold ,he has a house to sell ,so at least he's got colateral to pay for his careI'M NOT SURE ON THIS EMOTIVE RULING ON HAVING TO SELL HIS HOUSE TO PROVIDE TOWARD'S HIS CARE.I'm not interested in the money as long there's enough to pay for his care after all it;s his money not mine.Any way wev'e found him a home he move's in today.IT makes me sad that i will no longer be able to go to the home where i was born &had happy child hood for much longer except visit's to just clean out &pack his belonging's.

Cheer's Larry
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