GCHQ Christmas Puzzle


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Aug 28, 2007
Ah, so it isn't a 9 letter word.
No it's smarter than that.

The diagram is what I would call a 'network chart' so nodes (the letters) are connected by edges (lines). In this case they are directional, so you follow the arrows to build a phrase. Some letters are used several times (the E is used 3 times) - note the loop on the E this suggests that somewhere in the phrase there is a double E. The S has three arrows going in and three arrows coming out, so that gets used three times as well.

There are a few permutations to work through. Took me a little while this morning to finally get it. The yellow lines show the first two steps in my solution SEA...

I'll post my solution tomorrow.


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Jan 25, 2005
Thanks for the help Spanky,however i would not have needed it as i come from a long line of chancers,and guessing has always kept me in good stead,for example i have had many near misses at guessing winning lottery numbers each week,spanning many years.