Garbolino Maxim Pole - Spares / Top Kits


Grebe Grabber
Jul 9, 2002
Morning All

Ive picked up a Garbo Maxim Pole that's in mint condition with two original Top Kits and a couple of Garbo ''other' top kits and a tele Garbo cupping kit. Used it this week and really impressed up to 11m as a good 2nd pole.

Having read the reviews (old) there seemed to be top kits available plus an ext when new - Though having looked online I cant seem to locate any original Kits. I was thinking of picking up a couple of extras for silvers / margin?

Does anyone know if the kits for the Maxim are available online? Also do any other Garbo kits fit the same mandrel. The two 'other' Garbo kits I have with the pole fit but are a tiny bit wider

Any help appreciated guys.