Garbolino Match Carp 16m

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Feb 25, 2005
I purchased one of these last month whilst my faithfull Daiwa Spectron had two broken sections (5 and 6). I now have a problem....

The original plan was to get the Spectron repaired and sell it, however, now that the Spectron has now been repaired by Esselle pole repairs and despite being 4 years old with a couple of other older reapirs, it is still a far superior pole for the sort of fishing I do (natural lakes and rivers for Bream etc rather than commercials).

I am sure the Carp Match is excellent for bagging, but at 13m + for Bream it isnt a patch on the Spectron, heavier and not as stiff + its a much bigger diameter at the butt section which is no good for my small hands.

What do I do guys? Do I sell the carp match and if so do I buy a pole with compatability with the Spectron for Spares etc. Or maybe sell both and buy a top of the range jobbie?

Anyone out there looking for a Garbolino match Carp used genuinely only 3 times?

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Rich Rev

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Jun 14, 2005
Why change for change sake[?]
The Spectron is still a mighty fine silvers and light carp pole, though Clive Wright won Fisho with his with Carp upto 14ibs and Purple hydro.
I would sell the Carp Match which clearly does not suit your type of fishing and get yourself a spare spectron as there are plenty about second hand.
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