Garbolino Legless Side Tray with hood


Mr Ginster
Site Supporter
Jan 27, 2007

I have one. no problems from my side although some say the hood leaks during heavy rain.

I sprayed mine with waterproof spray just in case. easy to attach to round legs, good amount of tray space as its a good size but the real benefit is using it
in narrow pegs where a normal outrigger leg might not sit on your pallet. Absolutely no problems with tipping or sagging, loading weight is high.
The raised foam lip prevents any accidental spillages.

I bought mine for £90 before Chapmans closed so got a good deal but I suspect it will last a long time due to build quality so in my eyes if it was £120 and lasts 5 years (it will) then its <£25 a year and I fish upwards of 50 matches a season so a real bargain at 50p per session.