Garbolino Competition GBC 36-71 seat box


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Sep 24, 2008
Hi everyone.
In the market for a new seat box and wondered what owners or those that have had hands on think of the Garbolino 36 Seat boxes. I've seen the competition 36-71 for £499 which seems very reasonable. I know the pin lock legs are strong, however are they are a nightmare in winter?
Also there doesn't seem to be many drawer options which isn't that bad really.
I'm going to go have a look at one but are there any other pros and cons of the box that you have found from a long term test rather than sitting on one in a shop for 2 minutes.
Thanks all.

Ben Field

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Sep 16, 2014
I have one. Absolutely brilliant box. Initially I had a 36-60 when they first came out, but then sold it as I was trying to lighten my load and tackle. Regretted it ever since, and early this year got the 36-71 when they first came out.
The pin locks aren’t my favourite I must admit, but there’s nothing else I’d change. Having the deep drawer makes the 71 even more perfect for me than the 60 was (which had two shallow drawers) rather than one deep and one shallow. The legs are solid, the cushion super comfy, the trays great. I’ve added the wheel kit which has been brilliant too. Having used a lot of different boxes over the years, I won’t be selling this one. The new Daiwas look great too, but I’m staying where I am. The pin locks are a little stiff and a tiny bit fiddly to grip, but super sturdy as intended. To be honest the best way to approach it is to mostly just drop the whole leg a few inches, rather than using the pins (which I do when deeper wading). But I guess that’s the point. They’re super sturdy when you need them, and you just drop the whole leg slightly when you don’t. The drawers slide easily and the clips are solid. Can’t complain at all. £499 is an insane price. I’d check with the dealer first that it’s definitely this model they have in stock. More than once I’ve seen shops misbadging stuff online, either accidentally or because they just don’t know the difference.