Furzton Lake MK

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Sep 29, 2001
Furzton Lake Milton Keynes

Every year i organise some matches against our other site in Wakefield.This was our chance to host a match on a lake as we fish a canal,carp puddle,river and lake over four different dates.

Furzton lake has an average depth of 6ft and is stocked with carp,bream,roach and perch.The odd tench shows and are normally on the large size.

We arrived and decided to fish from 10am til 4pm and as it alternate pegs no real advantage could be had.

Fishing a tip and trying to catch bream is strange to a lot of us and although we can catch carp on the tip the bites are a little different.No pull rounds of the tip this time just small pulls and strike.

The result was 1st Vic Nugent 30lb 9oz for MK
2nd Mark Hopkinson 32lb 2oz for Wakefield
3rd Kevin Lake 30lb 2oz

The maggotdrowners you know were Andy 4th with 17lb 14oz and Kevin Arathoon 6th with 14lb 3oz and myself 7th with 12lb 8oz.

Teamwise we beat them by 28pts and only trail by 27pts going into the last match on the river.


Golfs a game for people who can't catch fish
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