Furnace Lake, Slinfold, W.Sussex

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May 16, 2002
This was the second Comets Angling Society match of the season (Comets is the staff association of the Met Police civil staff), the first match being a month ago at Lavender Farm in Kent. The weather couldn't have been more different as it chucked down at Lavender Farm but yesterday's match was sunny and warm.

The 20 peg match was held on the right hand bank of the main lake and the majority of people opted for pole, targeting the large head of skimmers that inhabit the lake. One or two guys opted to try big wag or method feeder to try and catch some of the many carp that inhabit the lake. There are not enough match sized carp to convince everyone to fish for them as if they don't feed you'll end up having a boring day with no bites.

Most people found the day a struggle which was reflected in the weights from what was a 7 hour match. The top four weights were:-

Peter Slade 40lb peg 58 caster at 8m up in the water for roach;
Ian Mcgregor 21lb 10oz peg 44 caster and corn for skimmers;
Calvin Lawson 20lb 6oz peg 51 caster and meat for roach n skimmers;
Ken Southon 19lb 15oz peg 55 not sure...

I finished 6th with 10lb 6oz from peg 60 and 8lb of that was caught in the last hour when I finally found what the skimmers wanted...corn in the reeds to my left.

I thought that the conditions were spot on for skimmers...the temperature had risen, there was a cloudy sky and a ripple on the water but they just didn't want to play in any great numbers. The winner cottoned on much earlier than everyone else that there were a lot of fish up in the water and whilst otheres were catching 1oz roach on maggot, his caster sorted out a better stamp of fish. Although his swim died for the last hour and a half he had already outfished and out-thought those around him.


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Aug 11, 2001

If thats a hard day 40lb of roach to win i'd love to fish there on a good day.
Round here 6lb is a good roach weight.

Nice report.

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