Funny thing happened today

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Nov 2, 2002
Hi fellow MD'S.

I have got to share this with you guys n gals.
Today Monday, me and my buddy (Rick) decided to fish a new venue called Bannister Farm near southport.

I decided to treat myself to a new pole on saturday and after hummin and harinng for over a month over which one to buy i plumped for the Maver Medussa,
Anyways i just couldent wait to try it so we arrived at the venue bright n early, me and my buddy Rick (Dave (scouse) and Ray have met rick) and we always have a friendly wager of 20 ciggies 10 for biggest fish and 10 for most fish.

Now rick as had a bad run over last 3 weeks blanking 6 times in a row so time for a change i hear you all cry.....Read on lol.

I decide to fish the canal and ricky decides to fish the pond so we are sat back to back, anyway the wind is howling through and i decide to put the old brolly up and away i go, on goes the new prestons outfit in goes the chopped worms n caster and a caster pinkie cocktial on the hook here we go first chuck in with my shiny new pole.

All of a sudden i hear sploshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i thought yes Ricks in so I throw the pole back and dash out from under the brolly and run to Rick's peg and he as dissapeared, All of a sudden i see a swirl in the water and out pops Rick's head with a huge Brrrrrrrrrrrrr , well my new prestons suit was in danger of getting very wet with laughing.

Anyways the poor sod gets out and strips down to his birthday suit and ask me to borrow my bib n brace he hee then he ask for me coat and my flask of soup now at this point he is the darkest coulor of blue i have ever seen so i mean what do you do what would you do ? lol pass em over or torment em a little bit lol i opted for both lol

So i got one chuck with my new pole lost my new prestons suit and laughed till i cried don't yer just love fishing....i wont tell you what i said to him when he asked me for a smoke due to his being erm very wet lol but it did end in off lol......

Happiness is playin wif yer rod
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Jan 24, 2002
a very good one
reminds me of a friend of mine who could not stop at his peg on his way down the bank & ended up in the drink to save him any ebarrassment i wont reveal his name but this time he was looking sheepish not looking for sheep

tight lines.
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Aug 25, 2002
I bet it must have been a big bu**er ..... the fish that is [:D][:D]

Aaaah .... soon be fishing !
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