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Jun 3, 2009
Fish to Win - Qualifier Three - Monk Lakes - Wednesday 28th July 2010 - Match Results & Report

The third qualifier of the Big Fish Tackle Store backed Fish to Win 3K series moved to Kent to the popular venue of Monk Lakes near Maidstone in Kent which has recently thrown up some massive weights. On Lake 4 at the weekend prior to the qualifier saw two weights over 200lb and Lake 3 has been fishing well with a lot of weights over the 100lb Mark in the last few weeks, so choosing where the qualifiers would come from would be difficult but most fancied being drawn on Lake 3 or the end Barbel pegs on Lake 2.

For the second match in succession 27 Anglers broke the 100lb mark, however the day didn't get off to a good start with one competitor as Tom Webster lost his nets on route via the roof of his car, luckily Morgan at Monks was on hand to provide nets for Tom so he could compete for one of the two qualifying spots however Tom left his drawing hand at home as well drawing un-fancied peg 159 on Lake 4.

The same cant be said for eventual winner Dean Lock (Garbolino Apollo) who not only won the match but also won the new Middy Margin Pole for weighing in, 29 year old Dean a lead worker from Croydon drew peg 130 on lake 3 fished consistently all day on Paste and pellets at 6m and down the edge weighed in with the biggest weight so far in the series so far with 219lb 10oz, talking to Dean after the match he was delighted for follow in his Uncle Tony Lock's foot steps a finalist in 2009 and reach the final who was also pleased with his draw as previously he had drawn un-fancied pegs in previous FTW qualifiers.

On Peg 68 on Lake 2 was builder Pete Upperton (Middy) a finalist from last year and the resent FTW Pairs Champion joins his pairs partner in the final by taking 2nd spot with 205lb 8oz which included a couple of big 10lb+ Mirrors, Pete mentioned that he didn't catch a lot of fish but those he did were averaged around the 5 to 7lb mark, Pete fished meat all day down the edge.

Just missing out on the 2nd qualifying Final spot in 3rd place for the second time in the series on peg 95 on Lake 3 with 194lb was Geoff Vallance (Preston Innovations - Delcac) who handed the 2nd place spot to Pete due to a mis-calculation on weight limits and the weight lost would have seen Geoff reach the final for the 2nd year running.

Adding a 4th place to his 3rd at Colemans Cottage was Simon Colclough (Browning Wickford) with 188lb from Peg 162 on Lake 4, and because Geoff and Simon are already in the semi final the door opened for Dave Vincent (Browning) and Ben Emery (Garbolino Banstead) to qualify as well for the semi's.

The other Semi Finalists who won there sections are Graham Dack (Middy) 95lb 4oz, Dave Sandford 136lb 14oz, Paul Law (Trabuco South East) 132lb 8oz, Micky Hood (Bowlers) 182lb 2oz, Al Loader 132lb 6oz, Jeff Church 151lb 8oz who will be away on holiday so Chris Vandervleit (Maver) 141lb 5oz takes his place in the semis.
The Golden peg rolls over to Tylers common for which there is now 141 in the kitty so the potential pot for the Golden Peg at Tylers is circa 200.

This year everyone who weighs in gets entered into a prize draw to win a prize and Dean Lock won the new Middy Margin Pole courtesy of Morgan and Monks fishery, the prize at the Tylers Common match is a Shimano Hard Case Holdall.

Monks Results
28th July 2010

1 Dean Lock 219lb 10oz Garbolino Apollo Finalist
2 Pete Upperton 205lb 8oz Middy Finalist
3 Geoff Vallance 194lb Preston Innovations Delcac Semi Finalist
4 Simon Colclough 188lb Browning Semi Finalist
5 Micky Hood 182lb 2oz Bowlers Semi Finalist
6 Dave Vincent 165lb 12oz Browning Semi Finalist
7 Jeff Church 151lb 8oz
7 Russ Berryman 151lb 8oz Garbolino Apollo
9 Chris Vandervleit 141lb 5oz Maver Semi Finalist
10 Robbie Taylor 141lb Preston Innovations Delcac Finalist
11 Dave Sandford 136lb 14oz Semi Finalist
12 Paul Law 132lb 8oz Trabuco South East Semi Finalist
12 Al Loader 132lb 6oz Semi Finalist
14 Tony Lock 131lb 8oz Garbolino Apollo
15 Barry Ryley 128lb 14oz on Golden Peg
16 Mick Vincent 126lb 14oz Browning
17 Mark Glynn 118lb 12oz Meat Bashers
18 Danny Grimsey 118lb 8oz Maver Semi Finalist
19 Jonathan Watt 116lb 4oz Bagem Baits / Map
20 Wayne Taylor 114lb 2oz
21 Ben Emery 113lb 12oz Garbolino Banstead Semi Finalist
22 Frank Thomas 113lb 4oz Browning Wickford
23 Mike Bell 113lb
24 Alec Roberts 112lb 6oz Middy
25 Peter Steward 112lb 2oz Browning Wickford
26 Bruce Welfare 110lb 8oz
27 John Bell 106lb 6oz Browning
28 Mike Evans 99lb 8oz Lords Leisure
29 Steve Copping 99lb 4oz
30 Graham Dack 95lb 4oz Middy Semi Finalist
31 Mark Bransgrove 94lb 2oz Lords Leisure
32 Nick Gilbert 91lb 8oz NG Floats
33 John Coster 89lb 3oz Bowlers
34 Chris Nicholls 84lb 8oz Garbolino Apollo
35 Terry Edwards 84lb 6oz
36 Billy McKinley 83lb 12oz
37 Shaun Mahoney 83lb Big Fish Tackle Store
38 Mark Sandford 80lb 8oz
39 Russell Graves 77lb 4oz Medway Trotters
40 Geoff Woods 77lb
41 Rob Wright 75lb 2oz
42 John Whitelock 74lb 3oz Turbutini
43 Jason Collins 71lb 14oz Browning Wickford
44 Paul Berwick 70lb 12oz
45 Steve Fisher 69lb 8oz
46 Micky Lock 68lb 12oz Garbolino Apollo
47 Barry Upperton 61lb Meat Bashers
48 Jeff Davis 60lb
49 Michael Newland 57lb
50 Bernie Fraser 55lb 4oz
51 Colin Forsdick 45lb 8oz
52 John Pantry 44lb
53 Tom Webster 34lb 8oz
54 Trevor Latter 31lb
55 Tony Bell 11lb
Matt Love DNW
Chris Poile DNW
Billy Lowe DNW
Ian Covey DNW

The 4th qualifier is on Saturday 7th August 2010 at Tyler's Common in Brentwood Essex. (Fully Booked)

The 5th qualifier is on Wednesday 11th August 2010 at Puddledock in Upminster in Essex. (Fully Booked)

The 6th qualifier is on Wednesday 1st September 2010 at Monk Lakes in Maidstone in Kent ( 2 Spaces Available)

The 7th qualifier is on Saturday 4th September 2010 at Hartleylands Farm nr Cranbrook in Kent (1 Space Available)

The 8th qualifier in on Wednesday 15th September 2010 at Sumners Ponds nr Horsham in Sussex (1 Space Available)

The 9th qualifier is on Saturday 25th September 2010 at Frant Lakes in Frant in Kent (5 Spaces Available)

The 10th qualifier is on Saturday 9th October 2009 at Framfield in East Sussex (2 Spaces Available)

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