Frustrating Session


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Mar 25, 2022
Frustrating session yesterday, all started well, nice warm overcast morning plenty of movement. Large lake. Fed 4 balls G'bait and fished corn over it, 30-40 minutes in had a small skimmer...good sign as normally the skimmers move in followed by bigger bream....the next 45 mins was getting knocks & dips but striking at thin air, fishing a size 14 2" over depth...shallowed up, went deeper to no avail. Determined that they were small fish and decided to switch to a 16 and try double maggot...that worked & as I guessed a succession of small roach were landed, switched back to corn but no takers until....wallop corn taken by a sizeable carp (12'ish) hook pulled at net!!!! switched back to 14 but only a few more small fish, finished with around 70 but nothing more than 2oz!!! So returned home still thinking would I have landed the carp if I'd stuck with the 14, of course I'm convinced I would have...until next time!