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Aug 8, 2001
The Moderating Team have been having a bit of a debate about the 'Football Corner' and the general concensus of opinion is that whilst people are passionate about the sport and their teams/beliefs, they tend to forget the Forum Rules (available here)

Most of the flags to the moderating team seem to come from this section of the website and to some degree we let things ride more than we would do elsewhere, hence one of the reasons behind the Football Corner.

Please be ever mindful when posting in here that you are still expected to abide by the forum rules, abuse to other members will not be tolerated, and whilst we realise there is a fine line between what can be perceived as abuse and banter it only takes a second or two to read your post/reply before you post it - if you think it is borderline or may be read the wrong way, rewrite your post or just delete it.

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation [:T]
Not open for further replies.