French Carp Lakes with (cottage) accommodation?


May 11, 2018
Toying with the idea of taking her indoors across to France at some point later this year or most probably next summer. We've never been before and thought it would be a nice change to take the motor across and see a little bit of the French countryside. Mentioned that I could take my Carp gear and suggested we could find a lake with perhaps waterside cottages somewhere nice and peaceful, so whilst I enjoyed a couple (or three days) fishing she could sit in the sun or have a bit of an explore. She actually seemed quite accepting of the idea :eek:
Anyone know of a place that would perhaps fit the above? It would obviously have to be a `non-exclusive' venue as there would only be me fishing.
I've had a bit of look but it is a bit of a minefield, I will continue the search but thought some of you good folk might know of such a place.