Free Purple Hydro & Green Maver Dual Core

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Jan 23, 2006
I'm not sure if im REALLY allowed to post this here but i'm doing a bit of a tidy up of any gear i've got left over and found a packet of used hollow elastic.

Theres about 6 foot of purple hydro which i wouldnt hesitate to put back in a pole as it looks in excellent nick although it has a small loop at one end where it was attatched to braid for a winder bung, and the same with the green maver hollow although a larger loop.

Both can be reused and i wondered if anyone wanted them for the price of postage (2.00, Small packet, first class)?

Depending on how you like your laccy there could be enough laccy for 4 kits really.

So yeah FREE HOLLOW to good home, first to PM me can have it.
Not open for further replies.