Frant Lakes No2 3/2/2002

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Sep 18, 2001
Hawthorne AC.
Frant Lakes No2

1st P Ollerenshaw 9lb 10ozs
2nd T Myring 3lb 12ozs
3rd R Parmenter 2lb 12ozs
4th D Corneille 2lb 6ozs
5th R McDermot 2lb 4ozs
6th P Morton 1lb 14ozs

Total weighed in by 18 anglers 27lbs+

Frant Lakes is a day ticket complex,made up of 7 lakes and a couple of ponds plus a stretch of the River Teise,which offers something,for everyone.For further details go to this link

Well into the drawbag,and it's No14.Life is so cruel,had it been summer instead of a very windy day with the rain pouring down at the start of February,you would have seen me doing a passable impression of The Roadrunner,Beep Beep to get to this peg as it is a summertime flyer.

Today with the wind gusting left to right and a maximun depth of only 2.5ft anywhere in the peg,it was never going to produce.5hrs of scratching away on the 7mtr line produced 1lb 14oz of micro roach and skimmers with a couple of gudgeon thrown in for variety.The end peg no18 came up trumps with a couple of carp to see him well clear of the field.

The frustrating part is that this lake contains a really good head of fish,with carp,bream & tench present in sizes up to 7-8lbs,but apart from the two carp from peg 18,none showed leaving everyone to scratch for bits.

Anyway next week is our first round clubman match at Hartleylands,and with a bit of luck my kit might dry out in time!

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