Fox Covert Retford?


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Oct 9, 2008
Fox Covert at Laneham, is a small two lake fishery owned by a nice guy called Simon. Both lakes are rammed with fish. Lots of carp, some big bream, skimmers and ide, plus roach and perch. One lake is almost canalised the other has a couple of islands. I've not fished it for a while, even though it's local to me, but match weights are usually well over a ton in the warmer months. There's only one car park so a bit of walking is involved. Some used to say that the pegs were too high for the water but the recent rain has lifted the water level. A lot fish the margins. Feeder in big lake to islands can work as can pole, both long and short. Try and ring Simon he'll give the previous match details. All the best.