Four Seasons - Staining

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Apr 2, 2010
Yesterdays match was affected by the windy conditions blowing in from the north. The Railway AC from Leigh were the hosts and the match got underway at 10am. Started like a house on fire with skimmers to 1.5lbs from the off to corn in the channel. next peg braved it out on 16 mtr also on corn pulling out small F1's. Permenant peg 28 and 19 eventually tied for 1st place on 32ib 10 oz each. Runners up were plenty in the 20's. If the wind had been but a breeze, these weights would have easily been doubled.
A very good quality venue with facilities to match. Next bank holiday sunday will allow a revisit with the Bold Hotel A.S. being the hosts. With the knowledge gained, watch out Wayne...........
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