Four days off,


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Apr 23, 2008
aint posted many reports lately,

havent been out that much, its crazy, Im semi retired, still need to earn some coin, but the urgency has gone, for some reason a few think that means, Im not doing much and am available on a short notice

see, work got in the way,

still, I have been out, 4 matches all localish, two of em interclub and leagues

couple of wednesdays ago, I found myself in the company of the wednesday layabouts at cottington fishery, on windsor lake, despite drawing a very good peg, I didnt make the most of it, proper end peg where the accepted method is hoofing the feeder to the lake side entry pipe, known carp peg, despite this, out came the whip, light kits, maggot, worm, corn, and i fished for the stocks of silverfish in the lake,

not too bad a day, weather and company were very good, took around high teens weight of fish, but it needs a colder spell to bring the silvers on and put the carp down,

One night couple weeks back, my old spuds supporting nemesis, mr C Jones was on the phone,

"would I fancy a invite to Orchard lakes to guest in a BT team match, (obviously they were desperate and page 10 of the contacts list had been turned)
for some strange reason, I agreed, It was a day out, so off I toddled to paddock wood for a day, it was a team draw, but I had the chance to choose which number in the team list I fancied, and so it was done,

right on the carpark bank, what a poxy peg, forced to sit right back from the original margins of the lake due to an eroded peg, my options were limited, hoof to the point of the island with a feeder and sit on my hands, try the two opposing corners of the bankside reeds and a mid and long length line, 5m and 11m

the reeds were a top 3-short 4 out, so I feed a few maggot there, GB potted to the straight out 11m line and left to settle and shipped out to the 5m line, fishing double maggot just off the bottom, grabbed a few F1's but either didnt feed enough, the white laccy let em wander though the swim to much, I dunno, it sorta died on me, few silvers and small carp from the reeds and didnt even chuck the feeder (next peg fella had 50lb plus doing it )

few more fish occasionally during the gig, but it was 30lbish thanks for coming, had some old dear on the next peg, talking loudly without stopping for the full 5 hrs, I felt sorry for her old man

lost a quid side bet to jonesy !

this weekend gone saw a double header, saturday out on my fave silvers fishery, Chequertree near ashford kent,

first proper silvers only gig of the year, organised by the twin fruit of the loins of the Venerable Steve Allen

booking in with the sons of the said DFL, I watched the weather forecast with mixed anticipation, Storm Brian was due to wag its tail in the south east all day,

arrival saw not too bad, blustery yes, damp yes, but fishable,

for some reason (probably too early a weekend in the season) we as a match were allocated 17 pegs on the side bowl of lake one, the rest of the pond given over to day ticket carpers and the lodges guest residents

drawing really poorly, the golden paw has lost its touch, the first peg on the point, in the shallowist part of the bowl was mine for the day

plumbing up showed no where deeper than 30 inches, very little variation throughout the peg and the margin reeds were less than a foot,

out came the whips and light laccy topkits, fishing 3 rigs, two of em NG Finesse 0.5 floats rigged to 0.12 main, 0.08 hookers, drennan silverfisg maggot hooks, one bulk shotted and one semi shirt buttoned, having to bulk under the float just to have enough slower drop line, the other was a 4x12 hillbilly gazzunder to fish shallow lol

the wind started before the off, blowing the pole and a top kit of the roller, the roller following and smashing the top kit in half, mucho curses, more digging around in the tubes and a replacement NG dark blue hollow core kit was reset with the broken kits rig, joining the two NG teal laccied ones laid on the ground in the lee of a carryall

whistles gone, and Ive had a days fishing, swapping between rigs and lines to net 16lb 3oz of small bottletops, blades and the occasional net fish, maggot mainly, punch and corn as the swap baits

it fished quite hard for all, the tip of the point pegs in the deeper water gaining all three of the top places, 40lb plus of skimmers, tench and bream forming the bigger nets

on the plus side I regained the quid lost at orchard from CJ and grabbed a euro from the francophile mr Allen, chuffed !

the sunday was an interclub match,

I was guesting for Wantsum AC on thier home water of Scroggins lake at Chislet in a match arranged with Cinque ports, an invite had come my way to make up the numbers and as they aint a bad bunch of lads, it was gratefully recieved

drawing into the car park in the wilds of the north east kent marshlands, I spooted big ron sat sitting in his motor, the other guesting angler for Wantsum no less, quick chat whilst we loaded up and the arrival of the other participents, and the draw was soon called,

now the draw is done on 1st payin gets first dip and so on, luckily I was the second 10 handed over and second to draw, touch !

in it went and peg 10 was attached to the digits, nice, wind behind my back, big platform, loadsa options, good depth, I almost ran there, (well trundled anyway) the gilberts drawn down the bottom bank, wind to the face/side for him,but often the fish follow the wind on this lake, win some-lose some,

out went the too hand top 4 rigs at the off, both kits with the trusty NG white hollo, one with a 1 gramme and the other with a 0.6 NG finesse float, both loaded with olivettes and just a single no10 dropper 12 ins from the size 18 drennan, loose feeding maggot over the top soon saw me into fish, the early ones were eyes and arseholes, with netter following, remembered after an hour to long pole some cupped sensas lake gb out at 11mtrs for the bream to graze over, then back to the fed short lines

it slowed somewhat as the sun got higher, and bringing the longer section into play saw me go over the GB lines, few small skimmers, 6oz'ish followed, then a 1lb fish, followed by a decent proper crucian of a pound (on punched disc) and a few bigger roach, topping up the feed was a mistake, daft of me, but hey ho, it seemed a good idea at the time,

back in on the short lines found small bits for the rest of the gig,

whisle gone, and still packing away saw the Nick arrive following the scales,

How did you do, ?

9lb was the reply I was not expecting,

I thought I had 10lb, the scales whopped round to 11-8 though, grabbing me the third golden coin of the weekend

came 6th overall with that weight too and 2nd highest in the Wantsums team

not three bad,



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Feb 25, 2016
Thank you for the write up Mick...Cracking read as normal[:)][:T]


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Sep 18, 2001
Enjoyable read as always Mick, and good to find that you're getting among the 'Golden Nuggets'. Not sure that it's wise to take them off your sponsor though.[:p][:D]


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Apr 4, 2008
Lovely read as usual
Just to point out the old Girl you mentioned is a very nice lady and her husband is in fact mutton hence her loud ramblings all day

Bill G

Dec 26, 2006
wait till the frosts start Mick ,then you can start baggin the silvers mate.
looking forward to your weekly match ramblings mucker.