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Aug 11, 2001
Hi All

I've just been clearing out some of my "stored" e-mails & found this one, it was forwarded to me by the person it was sent to.

After reading this i hope a few of you will understand why i was so gutted when Trev (Zippy) & Myself fell out over something as petty as moving fish without a section 30.

I have removed some parts of the mail for a specific reason but nothing of importance so to speak.


I re-started fishing in November as I had just come under Macmillan myself,
having been told on Nov2nd that the big C had returned after 2 and 1/2 years
and I was forecast as having a year!
I tell you this for 1 reason only.
I joined the fish-in at Stafford on the sunday and met a few guys, but was
overlooked for the raffle, and thus didnt join the crowd.
I was the very last 1 to pack up and Alan Fawcett came to join me at the peg.
I revealed to him alone my circumstances and whilst he helped me pack away,
he related the story of his Grandfather and the 3 times he was told the same
story over 30 years!
Alan showed his concern to ensure I set off safely on a very icy night and
instilled the belief that a mistake had happened in my diagnosis, which today
I am even more sure of, because thankfully I feel so well!
Your support and confidence in him is not misplaced and since that day, Alan
and I have become firm friends via posts,chat rooms and e-mail. Never met
Recently I reported on Maggot-Drowners lost kit !and the 1st person to offer
free replacement items was Trogg!
Despite his circumstances as you so clearly describe!
This rough diamond would in noway contrive to cheat a soul! Incompetent,
heart over head Yes!, but I am aware I don't need to tell you that.
Just to say I respect your support and look forward to meeting you myself 1

He did more than the Macmillan cause he championed!
I'm going and paying for a friend (met over the internet )to Wraysbury.!
I want to pay back some of what Alan gave me, and I know he wanted it for

Even now after all the stuff that went between myself & Trev i still look on him as a friend, & even though he's not here in body i know he's still hanging around these forums laughing along with us (& probably taking the pish cos his fish are wayyyy bigger than ours).

No real reason for sharing this mail with you i just thought i would to show those "newbies" who never had the pleasure of meeting the man himself or reading his posts just what kind of person Trev really was.

Rest in peace mate

ps Trev a bit of help with the fishing race would be appreciated mate[;)] (when i get to go fishing again that is)[:(]


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Aug 25, 2002
Although I didn't get to meet Trev, it's obvious to all that he was well liked and respected.

Nice post Alan.

Aaaah .... soon be fishing !
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