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Nov 26, 2019
Friends and fellow anglers,

Having perused some of the threads on the “Fishing Talk” forum this morning I’ve found my heart weighed down some. I came into fishing full of wonder, excited by the prospect of adventure and encouraged by the sense of camaraderie I had noticed among anglers. That sense of joy and excitement hasn’t left me, but I’ve become aware of a depth of cynicism in the wider angling community that I’ve found encroaching on my own outlook; a cynicism that impacts the way I view other anglers.

It’s a beautiful spring morning in York today, and it’s a ridiculous privilege that I get to sit by still waters and enjoy beauty and goodness as a part of this thing called angling. I say this to myself first and only then to anyone else who feels similar- let’s drag our cynicism out into the yard and put it out of its misery. There’s been more than enough to rob us of joy this last year; let’s not make it harder for ourselves by becoming experts in cynicism.

Tight lines, stay safe and God bless.