For all the ex military that served in Northern Ireland


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Jun 11, 2011
I just saw this on Facebook and thought that it was so accurate that I would share it with you guys, in memory of all the guys who didn't come back!

I walked the streets of Ulster,
With a rifle in my hand.
To protect these beautiful people,
Of this beautiful but bloodstained land.
We walked the streets of darkness,
The street lights long bricked out.
A cold bead of sweat, or standing hairs,
When we heard a bang, or shout.
Dropped by chopper, in bandits fields,
At height are all our senses.
A car backfires, on a country road,
Finds us diving behind fences.
On council estates, where people dwell.
Someone’s wives, kids, sister or brother.
For us their gifts of bile and spit.
Or bricks, send us running for cover.
Not to mention, the snipers guns,
The bombs of petrol, or nails.
Our nerves are shredded, beyond repair.
Our young lives forever changed.
Now we are paunchy old men and women.
With just memories, and a lifelong bond with each other.
Our family still strong, still bonded by blood.
And still know we can rely on our brother.
But the army taught us how to fight.
How to face the hate.
How to hide our shredded nerves.
How to accept our fate.
How to disguise our fear and dread,
How to be brave and bold.
But they didn't teach us how to cope,
with our memories now we are old.
But I wouldn’t swap one sleepless night.
One blanket covered in sweat.
To serve with my brothers, all over again.
Would i do it?
In a heartbeat. You bet.
For all my brothers swift and bold. (Anon)