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Aug 11, 2001
The following has been copied & pasted from the barbelfishing world forums.

An important notice to ALL existing members of the RSSG.

The remaining Officers of the RSSG committee have held deliberations over
the past few days and have decided to hereby give notice of the calling of
an Emergency General Meeting of the membership of the RSSG.

The purpose of the EGM will be to discuss the dissolvement of the RSSG as an organisation/group.

Only members of the RSSG are entitled to attend this meeting and all members of the RSSG will be notified by Royal Mail in the very near future, via a letter from the RSSG Treasurer.

The meeting will take place on Saturday 2nd November 2002. The venue where the meeting is to be held is The Bush Public House, Midland Road, Royston, Barnsley, South Yorkshire. This information will also be in the notification letter sent out to all RSSG members By Ian Jobling.

The meeting will start at 10.00am prompt and the only topic on the Agenda is
the dissolvement of the RSSG.

There is no provision within the Rules and Constitution of the RSSG to call
such a meeting but it is felt that it is only courteous to hold one.

Sandwiches, along with tea/coffee and biscuits will be available at
lunchtime. Unfortunately, the cost for these facilities, which will be a pre-paid 5.00 per person, which is required by return of post to Ian Jobling in order to entitle you to access to the refreshments. No monies will be accepted on the day. The reason for this up front payment is due to the RSSG funds being tied up at present due to the resignation of the Chairman, Ray Wood, who was one of two members whose signatures were needed to release monies from the RSSG funds, the other Officer being Mr. Ian Jobling, the RSSG's Treasurer.

Could all members wishing to attend please confirm this fact, in writing, to Ian Jobling, by return of post.

In the event of you not being able to attend this meeting, the remaining
Officers of the RSSG wish to thank you in advance for all your support of
the organisation/group.

An official RSSG statement will be issued after the meeting has been
concluded. It will be posted on both the AnglersNet and BFW angling Internet sites, the same sites that were used to announce to the angling arena the creation of the RSSG less than one year ago.

Issued on behalf of the remaining Officers of the RSSG committee.

It would seem that not all the committee members on the RSSG were informed of the posts also being put on here to help in the formation & recruitment of members for the RSSG.


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