Float rod help please


Sep 25, 2020
Hi all, I fish mainly for carp and have a range of rods including quiver, feeder and the usual carp set up with baitrunners and bite alarms but want to do some float fishing on occasion. The lakes I fish at are quite small, approximately 15 metres maximum from bank to bank and hold perch, roach, crucians and carp up to 24lb. Looking for a float rod that could cope with a fish that size.
I like the sound of a 10ft TF gear compact commercial float rod. Line rating 4lb -8lb and by the description it would cope but would like advice from those who know more about float fishing.
I've also looked at these:
Korum 13ft Glide Power float rod. Line rating 4lb - 12lb.
Korum Mk11 12ft barbel float rod. 1.7 tc. Line rating 8lb- 15lb.

Which what would be suitable? Any other suggestions welcomed. Budget up to £90 max.
Many thanks


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Mar 10, 2019
For predominantly carp with the odd bit of other species stuff thrown in the korum glide feels as if it would do the job although I've only waggled it not used it