Float fishing for Pike.

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Sep 2, 2019
I have had good success so far this winter float fishing on rivers with a static ledgered float, moving upstream to a new position after every hour as an hour will be enough time for a hungry pike to sniff out your bait even if the water is dirtier than hot chocolate

instead of two trebles, consider just the one forward treble and then where the back treble would be, cut out a notch into the flesh and wrap sea fishing bait elastic, seems to hold the bait better than 2 trebles + much kinder to the pike with no real change to hookup rate, I have had fears that the elastic could somehow break and end up down the pike's stomach but so far zero problems and never lost a bait off the hook

I prefer small bait to big bait pretty much all the time, problem with large bait is you need to give the pike time to actually get the thing down its gob (this is where that ridiculous culture of waiting 60 seconds or whatever between getting a bite and setting a hook comes from) and in that time you could end up stomach hooking if the pike snarfs it quicklike, so yes, use small baits and strike the second wyou get indication

the float rig I have had a lot of success is amateurangling's float pike rig, it requires you to plumb the depths perfectly which is a pain if you are in a bad mood, the rig has barely any resistance to prevent spooking the pike and you can present the bait pretty much anywhere in the water level, I like to have the bait 3 or 4 inches off the bottom to keep it out of the silt and mud and dead leaves/twigs that autumn/winter creates
I will check that rig out, cheers!