Five old B'stards, A pub, and the Eve of an election


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Apr 23, 2008
Well then, by this time tomorrow, most of us will have cast our vote, for better or worse

yet strangely to say, this was not the main topic of conversation as five rather erudite old B'stards met up the pub this after

the normal greetings were exchanged as each entered the alehouse (hence the title of the thread) and a supping session commenced,

Various topics were mooted and opinions of each and every other discussed and either derided, laughed at or supported, now these topics ranged over a vast swathe of subjects, from the old englishmans standbye of the weather, to the suitability of certain methods of transport, wether we would or wouldnt as to some of the female clientele, wether we could or couldnt in some cases, but eventually settled on the subject of money

not so much money as in wether we had or hadnt any, but the modern money, eg the plastic prommisary note

a fair few were shifted over the bar in exchange for alcoholic liquids and whilst the paper £20 note and the plastic £10 note seemed to be in plentiful supply, the plastic £5 was conspicuous in its abscence, coinage being used instead

now this became a straw poll of those gathered at the table and those inside the pub and it seems that there aint as many as these about these days as when there were the paper £5, even the barman and landlord agreeing to this,

it seemed that whilst the passing of the £1 note wasnt lamented by many, most preferring the new pound coin, and the £2 coin also getting the thumbs up, the plastic £5 note had few friends, most regarding it and its larger brother the plastic £10 as pretty rubbish

opinions ranged from the feel of it, its ability to spring out your hand after it had been folded and just the tackyness to both of the notes, we all lamented the passing of the paper note, the majority preferring it as a wallet filler

though surprisingly, one opinion as to wether we ought to chuck the £5 and £10 notes altogether and have a solid coin in thier stead was very popular

just awondering if this is just us, or maybe a nationwide feeling ?

you find a lot of other countries have coins in these denominations


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Jun 18, 2018
The UK does have £5 coins, also £20 £50 & £100 coins, but good luck spending them anywhere. A lot of people now use contactles cards or smartphones for payment, so not a huge amount of cash is used these days. There was a hoo haa about the new Ladies having animal fat in them, and the tenners, causing severe angst among vegans.


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Apr 8, 2004
Put more than a few of the new ones in your wallet and you need 6 extra laggy bands to keep it shut (thank you postie).
I am sure they have issued these as an encouragement to convert to cashless society.


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May 31, 2019
I‘d rather have notes than coins any day. I didn’t like the new notes at first but I’ve got used to them now. They are a lot more durable and work better in machines like car park pay stations and self check-outs.