fishing with pellets

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Aug 17, 2002
today i went to bestwood ponds fishing on pellets and was putting them
on the hook with those small rubber bands.
Is there another way to put them on the hook because i found it a bit fidely.
Is there a way to soften them?

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Dec 7, 2001
hiya darren, there are a couple of ways you can use them.

korum make a gadget for a couple of quid, you put the band on the gadget then the pellet in the end and just push the band over the pellet. (havent used one myself)

what pellets are you using?, try expanders and follow the instructions on the bag, they will be soft enough to go straight onto the hook and can be flavoured.

what about buying a tub of ready done ones, i am playing with the "ringers" soft pellets with some pretty good results, i also use the juicy pellets again with some good results (bream)

there are quite a few on the market and a tub is more than enough for a session or two.

hope this helps.

p.s. there has been a few postings on "how to prepare expanders" so if ya do a quick serch you should find all the info you need.

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Jul 24, 2002
hi darren, the way i fish with pellets is to use 2 different types. use the normal hard pellets for feeding. on the hook i use expander pellets. the ones i use are made by ton up baits. when you get to the bank, just soak the pellets in water for 1 hour, drain off the water and squeeze the air out of them to make them sink and they are soft enough to put on the hook. other companies market expnder pellets such as van den eynde, miracle baits and numerous others. alternatively you can buy ready prepared soft hook pellets, the best thing to do is ask your local tackle dealer, i'm sure he'll have something in stock.
hope this helps


Mar 9, 2002

I have just started using pellet, using a bait band to give me a hair rigged pellet.

Confused - I'll try to explain - I am using the Silly Bait 6mm pellet and this method would not work with an expander pellet, as it needs the pellet to be firm.

1) Drill the pellets to be used on the hook with a very small drill which must be sharp.I drill the pellets before I go fishing you do not want to be doing this on the bank.
2) Slide the drilled pellet onto a baiting needle.
3) using a Drennan Pellet band which I have hooked onto the hook, I pull it out tight using the bating needle and then slide the pellet up over the streached out band.
4) Then release from the baiting needle slowly so the elastic gathers and holds the pellet on the band.

It does take a while to get it right but it has real benifits in the long run as you will not be covering the point or bend on the hook at all which makes for better hooking. Also you will find the you can catch more than one fish per pellet.

I have also used this method with chum mixer and have found it effective there too. I intend to try it with meat but think I may have to fry it on two faces first.

Let us know who you get on


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