fishing own clubs pool

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Dec 4, 2001
Hi All ,Been out my clubs pool,today got there about 6.00 am ist one on pool so i chose 8 peg because it gives me a long chuck to some weed's on back of peg 41 ,i wanted to try my Daiwa Infinity&Shimano big pit reel,set up for distance casting ,Started off on the method with bread on hook,alternated hook bait through swet corn, worms meat,maggots &cocktails of all. not a touch for 2 hr's not even a liner reports coming back from people walking round some like me nhad nothing some ad 3/4 fish i had a shedful.Any how had a take about 10 30 manged to cast about 80 yds,.when i landed it was common i reckon over 10lb's not bad ist fish fish this year on pool so going to someway to proving my theory that if i could get to water nearer the midle i would be able to catch bigger fish. Didn't have another take until about 1'pm tThis was a larger fish still gave me a lot of trouble to land the infinty performed magnificently quelling a hard fighting fish.also very impressed with the big pit reel when landed i reckon it was close on 15lbs i can estimate weight quite weighing in on the open wed night open matches.So started to pack up while i was packing up had one last chuck ,lo &behold the bait runner went screaming off again ,had this one on abouut 1o mins it was another good fish ,the line went slack i thought it just shed hook .but when reeled in hook was missing so line had broke 1st time ive had the 9lb flouro carbon hooklength break on a fish.would i better changing hook length line after a couple of big fish,i wasn't giving it any stick just controlling on slipping all 3 fish were caught on ordinary bread flake. so still got a lot fishing to do to prove my idea of the better fish bieng away in the area's not normally fished because angler's can't normally cast there, most fish method match style with stepped up match gear.Found out the mate that had the shedful was using hookable soft Carp peellet on hook we can use them on hook but not loose feed them.Cat's & Dog's 3.00 a small tub .

Cheer's Larry
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