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Aug 24, 2010
Two more that are entwined together, irrespective of your personal views :- commercial fisheries and pellets.

I grew up fishing in Tyne and Wear, which generally was a real coarse fishing backwater, particularly in the 80s and early 90s.

Combined with a lack of quality fishing, skill and knowledge, I could only dream of the catches I read about in the AT and mail.

In fact in over 15 years of (self taught) angling, I think I caught 10lbs plus of fish in a session on 2 occasions, before a very brief flirtation with carp fishing.

Catching a fish of more than 1.5lbs was a dream.

Commercials changed that.

Whatever your take, I could now catch 'decent' sized fish and nets and enjoy it.

Yes, 10lbs of roach would also appeal, but this was a new experience.

Pellets became a new method for feed and hook and despite any negative prejudice, there still is a huge difference in results between the best and, well me!

My son caught a 5lb carp this year on his first trip in over 7 years, and only his second ever.

My first 5lb fish came after about 10 years of fishing year in and out.

Rather than think its some sort of 'cheat' and he's avoided the rite of passage of scratching and struggling and blanks I endured, it's made him more likely to go again... And that's the main thing ?

Lee Richards

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Feb 19, 2019
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