fishing in ballyconnell

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May 2, 2002
returned from ballyconnell stayed at anglers rest & francis mccoldrick showed us where to fish.4 of us arrived on 11/06/02 fri. to watch England defeat argentina & then we set off to fish two loughs killeewille was one i think annagh was the other.
fished annaghin the afternoon from 3.30 till 21.00 catching bream to 3lb & roach.baited up & returned next morn at05.00 catching at first skimmers roach &rudd. finally bream began to show for me but not so for the 3 other lads,i went on to amass about 80lb of fish,the others 30-40lbs so not a bad day.
francis said that at killiwille the stamp of bream are muchbigger so with this in mind we decided to try there,fished on the sunday after pre baiting the night before 10-15 balls of crumb.
hard fishing due to strength of the wind still managed about 35-45lb of bream upto 5 1/2lb some of the bites were extremely delecate for the size of fish.
top wieght that day was 50-55lb that was sunday pre baited at night in anticipation for monday.woke up monday gales & driving rain right into our faces hard work but still managed a few decent bream but eventually on our final day we conceded & returned early to the Anglers Rest.
tried greenville lake on final morning but again retreated after 2
hours of gales driving rain
francis was an excellent host & full of local knowledge .
ing rain.

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Oct 5, 2001
Thanks Pikey,
Printed off and taken with me.
Will report back from Cavan early July


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