Fishing around York

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May 17, 2005

I am from County Durham and have a caravan just north of York.

Does anyone have any info on fishing around this area. I am a member of Bradford No1 and have been fishing Raskelf but would like more info on other waters.

Does anyone fish Bradford City water ie. Shipton Lake.

I like fishing for carp and tench. This year I have set myself a target to catch as many species of coarse fish as possible. My own Rod Race. ( this used to be the Golden Maggot Race many years ago ).

I would also would be interested in syndicates if any are available.

Just nice waters with a bit of character and charm as I am not in to the commericial type. If I catch its a bonus.

Would like to hear from same.

And remember "A bad days fishing is better than a good day at work"
Not open for further replies.