Fishing a style / method even though it’s not the most efficient one


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Jul 4, 2019
Near enough everyone at the park fishes a float, probably tells you something. It's only Colin the bailiff who tried a method feeder or cone close in after he saw me do it, and he only caught Tench. Jimbo tries it and didn't catch a Crucian all season despite desperately wanting to and travelling from Worcester to do so. Adam has tried it too, but he had more success on the float and got in the AT where it said, "most big Crucians fall to bolt rig tactics these days, not these ones" when he caught 5 in a session. It's a proper funny looking contraption I use with a back lead and close in as the line almost points downwards from the tip of the rod, but I enjoy it. I can easily blank doing what I enjoy so a fish is a bonus.