Fishin buddy in UK ?


Oct 17, 2020
As above ! im wonderin if there is someone whod like to be a buddy ? i live in the northern parts of sweden now but ive longed to travel and do some carping tenching and barbelfishin carp and tench we have here up to odd 30kgs ive caught carp to 12 kg/26 lbs and tench above 3 kgs but we dont have that barbel over here not so interested in salmon or troutfishing have it up here .

So Yeah is there anyone whod like to fishout for a week or so ? im thinkin about doing some guestwork in the uk (tattooist) lots of tattooinbuddys have been there and they have only good words to speak of . Im guessing that it is possible to fish for carp/tench during winter ? ive never done it before . Im not going to press the numbers on predators this winter last winter was horrific with ice over 100cm with a 150mm auger horrible not this winter the 200mm are even worse to use by hand so im thinkin why not a warmer climate for some odd week instead ?

i do look like a roughneck with tattoos and stretched ears (comes with the work) but i do love my fishing sessions , the good thing about lookin like a criminal in some eyes is that i dont encounter any of them aaahaaah . Im 35 with swedish genes born and raised been to the states 2 times for education and work been traveling around a little bit but im not into that beachvollyxtasycountrys .. 6 f tall in a regular body mode eat most veggies with some sausage and ok ive got to be honest i eat burgers ok cheeseburger those small sliders theeeir good .
im a true blue swede single and prefer to be alone , i work and fish thats it nothing more well i do enjoy a couple of bottles of whiskey during the weeks but thats about it . havent got any clues about driving in the uk its like the postman here the steeringwheel on the other side but nothing more i know and im gonna drive and take a boat over i guess dont think id like to pay the cost for airplane with bivvys and 13foters ..

So yeah an easy going swede Straight! no homo for me hah i dont disslike homosexuallity but this is not an call out to get some ass not for me , im a nerd who likes to fesh i can do some coastal surfcasting even got the equipment for that ! were going to norway this year but those scardycats locked down the borders so no hallibut for me this year.

Why iam asking for a fishing buddy is that its pretty fun to get to know people from other countrys and why not over some fishing ? and ofcourse a couple of bottles of whiskey ! not much for beer anymore nor wine been to france to the wineyards and had some nice tastings hell even snails whent down the hatch .

Hope yer having a great winter fishers
and hope well get to know each other ! i even do some heavier piking mostly on the bottom and deadbaiting even bigger zander good fun
Best regards Paul


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Apr 5, 2020
Tjena Paul,
Ikke mange svar her. Jeg bor syd i Norge, så jeg faller utenfor målområdet. Håper det ordner seg, men har liten tro på det. De fleste på dette forumet er eldre farbrödre, og sannsynligvis "scared shitless" av en svensk kille med dreads.