Fish to Win - Qualifier One - Marsh Farm

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Jun 3, 2009
Fish to Win - Qualifier One - Marsh Farm - Wednesday 7th July 2010 - Match Results & Report

The second series of the Big Fish Tackle Store backed Fish to Win 3K series finally got under way on Wednesday 7th July 2010 at Marsh Farm Fishery at Milford in Surrey the home of the Specimen Crucian Carp & Tench.

Whilst on route to the venue the first thought that came to mind was where had the sun gone as there was an overnight drop in air pressure and rain in the air.

The first drama came before the draw when Fish to Win stalwart Jonnie "Mallard" Couzens was taken ill and was sent home to go to straight to hospital, I can report that Jonnie is fine and doing well and will be helping out at the Colemans Cottage Qualifier with the draw and taking photos.

The general consensus before the match was that Richardson Lake was the Lake to be on as it had been fishing extremely well in the matches leading up to the qualifier, how wrong was we all which cost Steve Moore the owner of the on site Tackle shop Apollo several 1 bets as Harris Lake came up trumps with the 3 highest weights on the day.

Taking top spot with 65lb 6oz's on Peg 31 on Harris was 49 year old Ian McLaren a shop Fitter from Woking in Surrey catching 19 Tench upto 6lb and a Crucian Carp. Ian sat on the method feeder all day to the Island using Corn and Double Dead Red Maggot at hook bait and Soaked Down Swimstem Pellet and SwimStem Ground Bait in the method.

In Second Place on peg 37 on Harris and also qualifying for the final at Lake John in Waltham Abbey was 45 year old Yorkshire Baits backed Angler Perry Stone who tipped the Scales with 60lb which consisted of 20 Tench and 4 Crucian Carp, Perry also spent the majority of the match on the method feeder using Yorkshire Baits soft Hookers as hook bait and Yorkshire Baits Pellet and method mix flavoured with Garlic in the method.

Just missing out on the 2nd qualifying Final spot in 3rd place was Geoff Valence (Delcac - Preston Innovations) with 49lb 10oz from Peg 6 on Harris, in 4th place was Marcus Harrison (Diawa Dorking) on peg 11 on Richardson with 47lb 13oz who both qualify for the Semi Final at Monk Lakes in Maidstone on Saturday 16th October 2010.

The other Semi Finalists who won there sections are Ian Covey (32lb 4oz), Kev Parker (32lb 14oz), Mark Harrington Colmic - Apollo (19lb 2oz), Dave Carter (20lb) and Dave Lewis Milo Bordon Angling (34lb)

This year everyone who weighs in gets entered into a prize draw to win a prize and Ben McGrath won a Preston Innovations Match reel and a 20 gift Voucher courtesy of Steve Moore from Apollo Angling.

No one won the Golden peg so 40 rolls over to the 2nd qualifier at Colemans Cottage.

The full weights are as follows:

1 Ian McLaren 65lb 6oz Finalist
2 Perry Stone 60lb Yorkshire Baits Finalist
3 Geoff Valance 49lb 10oz Preston Innovation - Delcac Semi Finalist
4 Marcus Harrison 47lb 13oz Diawa Dorking Semi Finalist
5 Dave Lewis 34lb Semi Finalist
6 Kev Parker 32lb 14oz Pulborough AS / Apollo Semi Finalist
7 Ian Covey 32lb 4oz Semi Finalist
8 Steve Clarke 29lb 11oz
9 Nick Stunt 23lb On Golden Peg
10 Nick Early 21lb 8oz
11 Dave Carter 20lb Semi Finalist
12 John Taylor 20lb
13 Mike Bell 19lb 15oz
14 Ben McGrath 19lb 9oz Winner of Preston Match Reel & 20 Gift Voucher
15 Mark Harrington 19lb 2oz Colmic - Apollo Semi Finalist
16 Andy Honess 18lb 10oz
17 Terry Harrison 16lb 10oz Diawa Dorking
18 Barry Upperton 15lb 9oz Passies - Sonubaits
19 Russ Berryman 15lb Garbolino - Apollo
20 Mark Parrett 13lb 2oz Trabuco South East
21 Graham Marshall 12lb 15oz
22 John Clarke 11lb 7oz
23 Andy Creech 11lb 6oz Trabuco South East
24 Simon Duke 11lb 6oz
25 Jeff Davis 10lb 4oz
25 Steve Moore 10lb 4oz Apollo
27 John Bell 10lb 1oz Browning CPS
28 Paul Suter 10lb
29 Gareth Phillips 8lb 14oz
30 Barry Oliver 7lb 6oz Maver
31 Dave Woolgar 5lb 10oz
32 Bob Jillions 5lb 8oz
Andy Baller DNW
Phil Worrell DNW
Tony Methven DNW
Terry Edwards DNW
Tim Hutchinson DNW
Perry Gray DNW
Tony Lock DNW
Mark Glynn DNW
Billy McKinley DNW
Dick Forty DNW
Ryan Coates DNW
Pat Cooper DNW
Jonnie Couzens DNW

The 2nd qualifier is on Saturday 17th July 2010 at Colemans Cottage in Witham Essex (Fully Booked)

The 3rd qualifier is on Wednesday 28th July 2010 at Monk Lakes in Maidstone Kent. ( 8 Spaces Available)

The 4th qualifier is on Saturday 7th August 2010 at Tyler's Common in Brentwood Essex. (Fully Booked)

The 5th qualifier is on Wednesday 11th August 2010 at Puddledock in Upminster in Essex. ( 3 Spaces Available)

The 6th qualifier is on Wednesday 1st September 2010 at Monk Lakes in Maidstone in Kent ( 2 Spaces Available)

The 7th qualifier is on Saturday 4th September 2010 at Hartleylands Farm nr Cranbrook in Kent (Fully Booked)

The 8th qualifier in on Wednesday 15th September 2010 at Sumners Ponds nr Horsham in Sussex (1 Space Available)

The 9th qualifier is on Saturday 25th September 2010 at Frant Lakes in Frant in Kent

The 10th qualifier is on Saturday 9th October 2009 at Framfield in East Sussex

For full details of Fish to Win 2010 and ticket availability please visit our website

Warmest Regards

John Bell
Tel : 020 8599 2285
Mob : 07724 841722
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