First time on club ponds

The Landlord

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Jul 26, 2018
Arrived at the Fireman's pond at 6.30am. Completely new to me but apparently it's like a small commercial. Settled on a nice looking peg with some lily pads at 10 metres & reeds either side in the margins. Was surprised to find a depth of 5 foot in the middle & had to butcher a couple of rigs as all the other venues I've fished recently are only around 3 foot. Started off by feeding some micros and a few 4mm pellets & fished a 6mm expander. Struggling to see the orange tipped float in the water due to the reflection of the trees & instantly wished I'd stuck a yellow tip on. Within half an hour, I'd had three lively tench about a pound each. Bumped a few fish as well & pulled out of something half decent at the net. An old bloke wandered by & said "Oh - you're fishing in the cage?".....I then realised why I'd bumped a few fish. My rig was sitting in the cormorant cage :silly:
Gave myself a kick up the arse & stripped another rig down so I could put a yellow float on. Back out...much better. Then a sail away bite & something giving me a good scrap. Saw a shape in the water & thought it was a carp. Nope - a lovely golden tench of 4lb. Chuffed to bits. Didn't get much more after that apart from a few small crucians in the margins plus a tiny F1 & a roach. Thoroughly enjoyable few hours in peaceful surroundings though.

tench.jpg Peg 5.jpg