First outing with Mrs Munch


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Sep 22, 2020
So on Monday. Mrs Munch and I headed to Mushroom Ponds. This would be her first ever fishing trip and it was more a chance to catch up with the option of fishing. We had both worked the weekend are were both shattered and ready for some RnR. No rush to get out, I had boiled the hemp and made some paste when I got home on Sunday. This time I was leaving nothing to chance, I actually packed the bait in the car! We left home about 9 ish and set off on the 30 minute drive to the ponds. This time with everything we needed...

The place was packed when we arrived, no pegs on the small pond and only two on the West bank. Well, we're here so let's just get on with it. The peg was screaming "tight up bankside" but with it being Mrs Munch's first outing I thought trying to battle fish out of the reeds on her fist outing wouldn't be much fun, so instead I decided on going one rod length out in the refection of of a bush and fish just overdepth on a crystal waggler. If something took the bait then at least she was in clear water and had a chance of a fight and possibly landing it. Talking of casting... The lessons on the lawn we had, yeah that went out of the window! Suffice to say I did the casting for fear of losing an eye or getting a hook in the nether regions!!
The day was very slow, very slow indeed. I managed a skimmer early on but that was it. Mrs and I swapped hot seats every half hour and there was plenty of bites, we just couldn't connect. I had gone overdepth (plumbed) by 4 inches, added 2 No 6 at the 4 inch and we were pestered by lift and dip bites. They were loving the tumeric and garlic hemp I had boiled, the swim was bubbling like mad.
I swapped hook size, link, float and still we could not connect at all. In the end I decided to go big or go home and went up to a 6lb main line with Stroft ABR @ 5lb on the hook link. Size 14 Drennan and a chunk of meat. Plenty of feed in with a bit of corn and a few samples of Spam's finest. The sun was out, Mrs Munch was happy enjoying the warmth with her Kindle in hand, life was good. No stress nor hassle, just peace and quiet. Well other than the Coots and Pheasants... Noisy sods!
The float dipped, just a bit, Being over depth I had tightened the float right down so there was just about a centimetre showing. The float then shot straight up, lift bite!! I was in!
It felt like a bream at first, just a little nod and it went a bit limp, I gave a little more pressure and whole hell broke loose! It shot off, straight forward, the clutch was screaming like some wild banshee, Mrs Munch was just in awe when she saw how much the bend was in the rod. I'm bloody glad you caught that and not me or the rod and me would be in the water right now she laughed.
This thing had been caught before, and knew all the tricks. Close in it would dive for the reeds either side of the swim, or try to get under the bloody platform... But I had it licked.
A great 10 minute battle with a worthy adversary saw me netting (only just) a very nice Common at a guestimate of 8lb.
Netting... An 8ft net and a 13ft rod... Not the easiest to do, I should have changed since my first outing but there you go, I didn't and I struggled.
So now it was Mrs Munch in the hot seat. Same swim same tactic. Now she was eager! The float shot away she struck and the weighted drennon came straight out of the water smacking me square in the face...
I've got one she shouted to those on the opposite bank who had seen the calamity, shall I throw it back in? YES!!was the resounding reply...



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May 31, 2019
Sounds like a nice day. I fish with Mrs Whizz regularly and she really enjoys it. She doesn’t fish but is an enthusiastic spectator. She always insists on photographing every fish with her phone which provides a record of the day. And if it goes quiet she always has a book.

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Feb 24, 2018
One of the kids I used to coach at football helped dig the mushroom shaped pond out. He also did Sergio aguero's and Wayne Rooney's kitchen worktops. I like fishing shallow on the pole just spraying maggots for the ide and other silvers.


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Sep 18, 2001
Nice report Munchy, sounds like an enjoyable session. :upthumb: