First match win


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Jan 16, 2019
Had another weekly club match yesterday which unfortunately was to be my last of the season due to other commitments.

I drew peg 22 which gave me a chuck to an island as well as some nice looking margins.
I opted for a 3 pronged attack + the method feeder.
Line 1 - shallow at around 9-10m for the tons of Ide in the lake
Line 2 - pellet to be fished on the deck near the bottom of the slope
Line 3 - margins with groundbait and maggots

The all in went at 11 and I chucked to the island with a micro-pellet loaded method feeder whilst feeding my shallow line with casters using the catty.
After around 10 minutes I’d had no indications on the feeder and noticed others had already started to catch Ide.
Moving to the shallow line I started to get bites from the off but they were very hard to hit, after the first hour I only had 6 or 7 Ide in the net but had a load of missed bites.

I was never overly confident of catching a huge weight of Ide, fishing shallow is not my forte so I opted to pay attention to the pellet line.
Feeding 8-10 6mm pellets via a pole pot every put in bought a steady stream of carp but by 12.30 I was getting liners. I added damp micros to my pellet mix which seemed to get the fish back onto the deck and by 13.45 I had put my second carp net in after catching every put in.
At 14:00 the weather turned and got a bit colder and we also had a few spots of rain, the next 2 hours were a real struggle and other than a single Ide and a small carp I couldn’t get anything going.

I was aware the pegs near me hadn’t caught as much as me but I could see my mate on the far bank was catching from the margins at an alarming rate and by 1600 I was starting to worry I’d thrown my match away.

A few drops into the margins bought no indications on the float so I decided to sit it out on my pellet line and started throwing pellets in to make some noise rather than putting in. This seemed to have an effect as I managed to put together 10 or so fish in the last hour.

The whistle blew at 1700 and I had clicked 83lb of carp and a few pounds of silvers, I thought I might have enough for third as I knew 2 of the lads on the other side had caught well.

The scales went to the far side first and when I heard 108lb shouted I thought I was way behind. When the scales got around to me I couldn’t believe it, my first net went 60lb and my second net 49lb as well as the silvers giving me 113lb and first place.

Really nice way to end the season and I can’t wait to get going again next year.

Cheers to all on here for the help and advice over the years. ?


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Jul 8, 2003
Nice to get a win from time to time, when things have gone right.

A couple of years ago I weighed in 93lb 4 oz, well in the lead, with just my friend to weigh.
He tipped 93lb 2oz onto the scales for second.
Once the scalesmen had left, he spread out his keepnet to dry, and found a 4oz roach still in it.

I gave him the moral victory, but kept the cash to myself.
Sorry Peter!


I like fishing.
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Aug 17, 2007
Hmmm.... I suppose I should probably publicly say well done. I should...


Sep 5, 2019
Congrats.. would love to enter a local match next spring but iv got a lot to learn with regards to a pole and playing everything from my seat :/ ... well done bud


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Oct 9, 2008
Sounds like a good day at Sue Blooms, Springvale. One of the best kept secrets of the angling world !