First Day On The Stick Float For Many Years

Neil ofthe nene

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May 4, 2009
After an aborted attempt to fish the river ten days ago I got myself properly prepared for today. Then left my silvers pole at home, Doh!

I could have gone back for it, section of river I was aiming for is only 10 minutes from home. But as I had two float rods and my carp pole in the car I decided to fish the rods.
For those that know it I sat on one of the new platforms, peg 17, on the Wellingborough club's stretch at Ringstead. Rather lazy as it is in front of one of the car parks thus less than 20 yards to carry my gear.

I set up both waggler and stick. Spent the first hour on the waggler for 1 bleak and one tiny roach. Having given that a good go I switched to the stick float. I cannot remember the last time I fished a stick float. But like riding a bike the technique soon returned. I was able to run the float down the middle of the river partly helped by a slight upriver and across breeze. Feeding red maggot and using either single maggot or double pinkie I started to take the occasional fish. A mixture of dace and roach. As it turned out two roach to one dace.

A thoroughly enjoyable day that I didn't need a coat for most of the time. It wasn't hectic, I ended with 33 fish for 4 1/2lb. One of those fish was a welcome and unexpected skimmer of just over a pound. Apparently they are rare in this stretch though the guy on the upstream peg also had one.

Was not a day for the pole as the clarity of the river meant it spooked the fish as confirmed by my upstream neighbour. Listening to conversations around me it seemed like accidentally the stick was the way to go. Yes I could have had a bigger weight with a similar numb er of fish on the adjacent snake lake. But today I reconnected with my roots. And that made it special.


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Jul 31, 2016
Nice write up Neil.

There is something special about sending a stick float on it's way in anticipation of a bite on the run through.