First class delivery! Anglers praise latest round of Fisheries Enforcement Workshops

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Paul Thomas, Regional Enforcement Manager (East) at a recent workshop
The Angling Trust has recently concluded this year’s round of Fisheries Enforcement Workshops – and the overwhelming verdict from anglers is that they were the best to date!
Run by the Trust’s Fisheries Enforcement Support Service (FESS) and funded by the Environment Agency from freshwater coarse and non-migratory trout licences, the workshops are a vital means of upskilling the angling community, raising awareness of the law and how best to enforce rules safely to protect our fisheries.
The sessions were held in six regions across England in September and October and provide training from the policing professionals of the FESS, Environment Agency Fisheries Enforcement Officers and police Rural & Wildlife Crime Officers, in addition to our partners at the Institute of Fisheries Management and Cefas Fish Health Inspectorate.
Dilip Sarkar MBE, Angling Trust's National Enforcement Manager, said: "These sessions are vital for all law-abiding anglers, especially angling club bailiffs and fishery managers - and they are free! I am delighted to see more anglers than ever getting with the programme and attending, and grateful to the Voluntary Bailiff Service for providing essential practical support. This year the contributions by the Environment Agency and police forces all over the country have been first class and very much an indicator of how far we have come.”
Typical of the exclusively positive feedback received is this testimony from Mr C.J. Simms, Stoke Sub Hamdon & District Angling Club Trophy Secretary and a club bailiff, who attended the South West workshop: “I would like to tell you how interesting I found today’s workshop – I have learned so much from it. I would also like to be put on a list as a Voluntary Bailiff should you get the contract next year.
“I mainly wish to thank your Building Bridges team and commend the presentation from your Polish-speaking Project Officer – as a result my attitude towards migrant anglers from eastern Europe has changed completely. I personally thanked him as I found his presentation captivating. Please thank him once again from me.”
PC Claire Dinsdale, of Dorset Police Rural Crime Team, said: “We very much welcome being a part of the Fisheries Enforcement Workshops and supporting the Voluntary Bailiff Service. Such volunteers are the much-needed eyes and ears out there to assist enforcement agencies and gather intelligence. Criminals are less likely to target a location if they feel the area is closely monitored.”
Dr Graeme Storey, Environment Agency Fisheries Manager, said: “The Environment Agency partnership with the Angling Trust allows us to raise awareness of the need for and importance of fisheries enforcement work. Working with voluntary bailiffs and others with an interest in improving angling increases our opportunities to tackle illegal fishing and environmental crime. A big thank you to all involved in setting up and attending the Fisheries Enforcement Workshops.”​