Finding and Tagging Photographs - help and suggestions please


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Jun 6, 2005
Over the years, I must have taken over 100,000 digital photographs, ranging from:
Hospital Site inspections, from all departments, concerning adherence to Legislation - say 30 hospitals, 40 departments/ward each hospital, covering at least 20 subject areas, perhaps 500 photographs each hospital - might be X-Ray/Isotope; ward A/cytotoxic medicines;
Fishing - especially volunteer events, say 20-30 days, covering 15 different venues, photo's of fish caught, people, methods - one fortnight was 7000 photo's alone (not taken by me, but a copy given to me)
Wildlife inspections - say 60 walks, about 100 photo's flowers, views, problems watercourse, animals, per walk
Flowers and LWS background information - 20 , 2-weekly walkover's capturing plants (about 100 photo's each visit) - bluebells, wood sorrel etc., etc., over 5 years
Family photo's - too many to mention
Various photo's when fishing other locations
Night Camera photographs - about 10 each night, every day - badger, fox, cat, stoat, etc for 6 years

These are all scattered throughout various folders and locations. (perhaps 15 separate locations and 100 different folders contained within those locations. If I want to find a photograph, I have to rack my brain where it might be. Started doing by year/date/rough subject area for folder - such as 2017 17/06/06 - Little Oak Plantation (might be 50-100 flower and species photo) - so in 2017 might be 50 different folders, but apart from the area - (Liitle Oak) have no details if I found Ransoms, Herb Robert, Town hall Clock, which might have been found also in Sherwood Business park, 2 days later.

I have Photoshop, which comes with Bridge to tag photographs - which I did a few some years ago, but only about 5%. Is Bridge the way to go, especially since I may have to replace my computer and I don't know if I will be able to afford Photoshop and have never really mastered anything above the basics.

Might I ask therefore - from you experts - Is bridge the way to go, how might I better organise my files, what do you suggest. I was quite impressed some months ago, becuase I think it was Spanky who placed a Screen shot of one of his folders - it looked so neat. Mine look an absolute shambles

Sorry for the long post - look forward to your thoughts.