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Apr 1, 2013
As the title suggests after several aborted attempts to get on a river this season I finally managed it today....Kathy and Abi headed west to the Caravan in Tenby last night so that just left me and the dog. So up at 1st light dog walked and car loaded and heading in the general direction of Monmouth, pulled up in the town and looked over the bridge, the Wye was running pretty clear and with the forecast for bright sunshine I decided that the Wye wasn't for me today so headed a few miles west to a stretch of the Monnow that hardly gets fished, it has a few nice glides sheltered by woodland, settled into one of these and tackled up the trusty Daiwa Conny with a 30 year old 506M and a 6 no 4 lignum stick float, started feeding maggots and eased the float through the glide and feed a constant stream of maggots. Third run through the float buried and the Conny lifted into the familiar kick of a Dace, not a big one only about 4 ounces but scale perfect , that set the pattern for the rest of the morning with dace after dace dropping into the keepnet. Then just about lunch time I lifted into what I expected to be another dace only to feel much more resistance, after a short tussle a nice Chub of about 3lb lay in my landing net. Time was now getting on a bit as I don't like leaving the dog alone to long, so headed home around 2ish. Well worth the wait to get on the bank after cutting my way through the vegetation I found a lovely spot that probably hasn't been fished this season. The Monnow never really fails me but today was a little special about 10lb of Dace plus a bonus chub and about 6 highly coloured wild brown trout. Definitely worth the wait