Faye in Hospital.


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Sep 18, 2001
Gutted to read this Dave. Thoughts are with you all and here's hoping she'll be back to you for Christmas.
Keep us updated fella. :upthumb:


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Jul 2, 2020
Best wishes for a speedy recovery Faye. I’ve just been discharged and my wife is still in a different hospital, very challenging times for families with no visitors allowed etc. I’m sure she’s receiving the best of care and will be back home before you know it. God bless the medical staff for the wonderful job they are doing in such unprecedented times ?

robert d

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Dec 27, 2013
On Wednesday night Faye was rushed into hospital with pulmonary embolisms and pneumonia.
Due to f****** covid we are not allowed to see her. Latest we have been told is that she is more stable but may have an infection in her central line. If the line is infected she will probably have to be transferred to Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge. Hoping to get more news today.
I hope she gets well really soon ,my best wishes . Its horrible not being able to see a loved one ,i think the hospitals should allow one member of family at a time . They could be masked up gloved temperature taken ect . Its a huge dilemma for the families and patient involved but its also very hard for the hospitals to trying to keep infection rates down . As i said earlier i wish Faye a speedy recovery ,all the best Rob