Falkenville Mushroom Farm.23/06/02

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Sep 18, 2001
Hawthorne AC.
Falkenville Mushroom Farm.Match Lake.

1st P Ollerenshaw 74lbs 4ozs
2nd Malc Smith 62lbs 12ozs
3rd P Morton 41lbs 14ozs
4th M Davis 39lbs 8ozs
5th T Myring 32lbs 6ozs
6th ML Vincent 32lbs 4ozs

Total weighed in by 18 anglers 454lbs 10ozs.

Lying just out side Hailsham in Sussex,the fishery at the Mushroom Farm comprises of 3 lakes.1General,1 Specimen and a Match lake.All the lakes hold a good stock of fish with a few Grass Carp and Wels Catfish just to spice things up.

18 anglers arrived to fish the 4th club match of the season,and with the whole match lake set aside for the club,it ensured that everyone had plenty of space to operate.A lovely summers day had everyone in shirtsleeves but a strong breeze made things hard work at 13mtrs.
However the fish seemed well spread out and everyone had a few (mainly carp),with an average of just over 25lbs a man.A good days fishing.

The next match will be at Arrens Lake,Essex on 14th July.

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