Explaining Irritation, aggravation and frustration


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Apr 18, 2008
A boy asks his father to explain the differences between irritation, aggravation, and frustration.

Dad picks up the phone and dials a number at random.

When the phone is answered, he asks, "Can I speak to Don, please?"

"No! There's no one called Don here." The person hangs up.

"That's irritation," says Dad.

He picks up the phone again, hits re-dial, and asks for Don a second time.

"No! There's no one here called Don. Go away. If you call again, I'll call the police." End of conversation.

"That's aggravation."

"Then what's 'frustration'?" asks his son.

The father picks up the phone and dials a third time: "Hello, this is Don. Have I received any phone calls?"

"Now that's frustration," explains the father to his young son.