Evolution of the Pole - Time to buy ???

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Jun 9, 2004
I would never buy the absolute top of the range anything, (unless money was falling out of my pockets). The way I look at it, there comes a point towards the top end of any product range where the degree of improvement in the product is small, marginal, for the amount of extra money you're putting into it.

( Well thats my reasoning anyway, some may just say, tight arse ).

Also, I think with a lot of products that come on the market, initially there's some big improvements made with subsequent models, new materials, production techniques etc. But after a while, usually a plateau is reached and further advances/improvements become smaller, again marginal for the amount of extra money you put into it.

So ... with poles, they've been around for 30 years ish now, less with decent carbon, but still quite a while.

If you were to buy a decent pole now, without going over the top, say mid to 3/4 up the price range... have we reached that point ...

...where, unless you're a real top angler where any slight extra edge is important, can ignore fashion and marketing hype, the difference beyond that price is just marginal, and you'd likely be happy with it for say 10 years or so, unless theres some unforseen major advance ???????

I dont know enough about serious poles to tell. What du think ?


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Feb 28, 2004
IMHO I think your absolutely spot on Tiger. I know a guy back in Bristol who has huge illusions of grandeur who has what the advertising bods would have us believe is the pole of the year every year.
Every year so say his new pole totally out performs last years pole, no comparison. Ive fished dozens of matches with him and I cant remember the last time I saw him pick money up.
He is the sort of pillock the advertisers, pole producers and tackle shops love.
I find it nothing short of astounding that even now thousands of anglers cannot tell the difference between genuine, tangible advancement or advertising speel and hype.
I am totally convinced that a pole company could bring back a 5 year old model of pole tomorrow under a new name and new airbrush work and hype the price up to huge and with the right promotion some blokes would be going out getting bank loans to buy it and telling the world it was totally mind blowingly awesome.


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Mar 12, 2007
Isnt this true with most products today, you cant re-invent the wheel so most of the time its a sales and marketing job to tweek it and re-brand it just to make people buy them, who's at fault them or the fools who fall for it and spend the money.

Terry D

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Nov 29, 2005
Having followed that route myself and spent a grand on my 4th pole, I wish I hadn't. Yes it was good, it was nice to use, but I could have saved myself a few hundred pounds and bought a model that would do just as much and still not be too far off the mark. Then I gave up match fishing and was left with an expensive pole. I wouldn't recommend this route to anyone unless they have bottomless wallets or regularly win matches.


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Jul 9, 2002
Think you are spot on too Tiger.

For a few years now there imo has been a slowing down in the actual advances in the pole market. Lots of tweaks? yes - real change? - debatable.

If the match rules ever change to 13m maximum I think that would level the playing field even further, as at 13m theres not much in it for 70% of the mid range pole market I'd suggest.
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