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Jonathan Sutcliffe-Bland

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Dec 5, 2019
Now winter is around the corner there's no better time to add bread to your armoury. Be it river, lake, or canal. I won't go into too much detail about hook bait, it's either straight from the bag or microwaved then rolled at home. It's about enhancing your liquidised bread feed where today's teachings are at. Wherever I fish with bread I always try to keep the additives pale in colour to match the white bread. On the river I add cheese powder, garlic powder or MVDE venkel (fennel). On natural lakes or commercials I use baby milk powder which is full of vitamins, icing sugar, MVDE frangipane (almond) or blitzed spiced shortbread/spiced bun. On to the canal I use garlic powder, aniseed powder, coriander powder, MVDE Brasem white (spiced), MVDE vanilla, or fenugreek powder (methi)(Picardy).

I add 25g per loaf.

Try brown bread on commercials/pellet waters, as hook bait. Use liquidised brown bread with spirulina from the health food aisle or MVDE Original Brasem (caramel) as feed??

Going off piste the new MVDE sinking crumb is another awesome additive in red, yellow, or black which will make your liccy stand out from others. I make my own by liquidising Madeira cake then dying it with simple food colouring. Added to a liquidised loaf at 25%

To feed...
Cage feeder, bait dropper, pole feeder, pole cup, or by hand. In the days of breaking ice on the cut I've previously dipped my pole float into my fine liccy every put in to minimise feed. In my arsenal of bread punch equipment I also carry a battery operated hand blender. Using it to make bread soup, again on hard days. On even harder days, when wise men stay in bed I feed pure liquid additives and nothing else. My favourites being Sensas aromix canal (molasses) and Sensas aromix brasem (caramel). For something a bit different feed Carnation milk or liquidised corn sparingly through a small pole pot.

Think outside the box for best results ??

Tight Lines...
Jonathan Sutcliffe-Bland
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Oct 16, 2009
A few drops of geranium oil into a bag, rub the sides of the bag, to spread the oil. Drop the liquidised bread in and job done.