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Apr 23, 2002
Hi gang, Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in qualifying for the England disabled team this year. The team was made up of five guys who had fished previously; so I could take consolation that no body new had made the team.
What can I say about Malc, he gave up his time, his sleep, and his sanity and I will be forever in his debt, I would like to publicly thank him very much. He is one of the most generous, and kind hearted a person I have had the pleasure to come across. (Sorry Malc but it had to be said) I would also like to thank those of you who offered their support, and a thank-you to Dai for giving his support on the day.
The day had left me questioning my own ability, wondering how I had ever won a match in my life. Most matches are won by how, and when you feed your swim, It's not something you can learn from a book, it takes practice, to read how and when to feed your swim. We were told to put 10 jaffa sized balls of ground bait, at 10mtrs, Knowing that it would spook all the fish in your swim, and to fish holding the pole with a strong side wind, making bait presentation very difficult, we were literally having to lean into the wind, trying to hit bits off fish not big enough to mark your bait, and the fish I did contact with were small rudd, and a small skimmer in the last hour session. The second hour was to be fished on the waggler line; the manager told me that they would be looking to see us fish at 25-30yds. So 10grms, 15grms floats were practiced on, I had even clipped up my line at 30yds, to show I was capable at fishing and ground baiting at that distance, those of you that fished at Drayton, will know! that is only a baby chuck as 50-60yds is needed, but on the day 30 yds would have seen me fishing on the adjacent platforms, and a 3AA waggler would have been adequate, I knew this had killed my chances of qualifying, well that and not catching fish. I was very disgusted that we were only allowed 55minutes to get ready, poor old Malc was pulling his hair out trying to get the 17ltrs of ground bait ready, the kilo of joker separated, put up three waggler rods, and help me get my tackle ready. He was blaming him-self for the ground bait not being ready, those that had fished before, had there ground bait already mixed prior to coming to the trials. We thought that how and why we were mixing the ground bait, would have been of interest but apparently not, might as well have had a bag of brown crumb.
I will never have a trial again whilst it is run by the NFA.
I would like to wish the lads that qualified the best of luck for the championships, they are all very good anglers, and deserve to be in the team. A lot of people will not appreciate, that for them to fish for their country, by the time of the championships, they will have had to shell-out nearly a thousand pounds of their own money; on petrol, bait, new essential gear, peg fees (yes peg fees) we were charged by the NFA 5.00 peg fee to fish the trials I was absolutely disgusted, that word again, I think it summed up the day.
Back to normal next week will be joining the lads of the Rugby disabled at peatling parva.
Thank-you all again!

Dai Fish

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Dec 23, 2001
Dirk it was my plesure to come and give you some suport, please do not question you ability, you are a fine angler who deserved his chance, you did not lose out because of your ability.

I look forward to fishing with you and learning from you sometime soon.

Dai Fish


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Sep 18, 2001
We are Proud of you thumbsup.gif

It's just a shame that the NFA don't hold trialists in the same regard. mad.gif

Never mind mate,you'll soon have another 1 off Malc silly.gif

Peter. jumpfish_e0.gif
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Aug 11, 2001

As i said after the event it was one of those days when things just stacked up against you and there was and is no reason to question your ability.

But seeing as your
on a downward spirale i'll take the
1 and RED off you Tuesday at Peatling


Fish with Friends @ MaggotDrowning.com and take s from Dirk


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Jan 24, 2002
the trials from what i read were about what you knew of the trials not how good an angler you are . this just goes to show why there are nowhere near so many clubs in the nfa as there used to be.
WE all know you are capable of holding your own against the best under normal conditions and to me that would mean as much .
to us you are one of the best your a member of the best club the MDs
were all proud of you

tight lines.
talk fishing flip football


Dirk hold your head high with pride mate, we at the M/Ds know you are a good enough angler, its a pity the NFA don't,
Keep at it mate, and the best of luck in the future.
Malc as for you mate,,, i think Dirk has a good mate in you

Wishing you both success in the future, Dirk keep on taking the s off Malc

i'm going fishing

scott essery

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Oct 16, 2001

You must be feeling gutted, cheated and robbed. But please dont start questioning your ability mate. Although the event was effectively 'rigged' your ability accounted for an invitation and that means you are a damned good angler.

If its any consolation ive seen your name in the local paper at the Boarder mid week disabled matches on meridian canal. a hard water to frame on with some very good anglers so dont question your ability. I bet you could beat us all off the next peg!

I think the way NAFA and the selections have treated you and the other invitees is disgusting and feel that anglers should know. I certainly didnt realised how its run and assumed the juniors, full squad, ladies and disabled were all sponsored by Derennan and treated the same.

The corrupt NAFA bosses should be exposed as the slim they are!

Incensed angler who's incandescent with the way lions are being lead by donkeys!


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Oct 5, 2001
Seems to me you got the invitation, judged on RESULTS from free and equal competition!
That you couldnt produce the result under the totally different and unequal conditions imposed, is not down to ability!
Dont play with marked cards, or loaded Dice either mate!

Keep winning and dont let them get to you!



Ziptrev pug.gif Shouldn't happen to a DOG!

Adam S

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Mar 10, 2002

dirk, simply put they sound like idiots , dont let them
get you down.From what i read your ability is unquestioned
,and i have seen many a better angler around than those who
represent their country.

A little story about national angling bodies that i would
like to tell (its funny and tragic all at the same time):

Here in ireland, particularly around dublin, there has been
a problem recently with foreign nationals living in ireland
eating coarse fish, not that thats a problem to me
necesarily (and not against the law), but in some areas
they have done it to excess and filled their nets day after
day and wiped out the stocks in some ponds that local clubs
and the fisheries boards have put a lot of work into.

so there was talk of bringing in a law to prevent this, enter
national angling bodies nos.1 and 2, now no.1 will only put
their support behind a total ban on killing coarse fish (and
their support is needed for any change to be made) while no2
will oppose a total ban as they wish to retain the right to
catch deadbaits (their support is also needed for any change)

end result no common ground is sought and no sensible bye law can
be made,nothing changes.and neither body will even discuss making
concessions with the fisheries boards

great eh, im leaving out the names purely to avoid hassle.

The heads of both bodies have no idea of the opinions of the anglers
"on the ground" and probably dont care anyway.

good luck

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