Embassy Division 1 National Results, 29/9/01

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Aug 8, 2001
Dave Vincent, 46, a maintenance engineer and England International from Stratford, East London, recorded the best individual weight in the National Championships since it began in 1906 with a winning weight of 56.010kg.

A total of 62 teams of 12 anglers fished the Embassy Division One National Championships on the river Cam and Great Ouse on Saturday, 29 September.

The winning team was ex-England manager Dick Clegg's Team Ossett with 553 points.

Following a late start when the team coach was sent to the wrong section, Vincent, fishing for the Dagenham Bowler's AC, and pegged on a known bream hot-spot in G section, began with a feeder rod that was already set up and had a bite first cast.

He fished worm and caster cocktail on a 14's hook to 3lb line. He said, "My peg was solid with fish and I landed 32 bream up 2.50 kg. In the early stages I was having a fish every cast but I didn't have a bite for the last hour. I just had to sit it out and I heard on the grapevine that Richie Hull was catching me up in D Section. I was delighted when I heard that I had won - I have been fourth and seventh in previous Nationals but to take this Embassy National title and set an all-time National record is, without doubt, one of the greatest moments of my career."

Richie Hull (Garboline MAP Starlets) took second place with 48.700kg, and Colin Mayor (Keenets North West) copped for third with 40.660kg.

1. Dick Clegg's Team Ossett 553 pts
2. RAF Tec-neek Trabucco 517 pts
3. Browning Hotrods 507 pts
4. Daiwa Gordon League 500 pts
5. Keenets North West 486 pts
6. Liverpool & District 483 pts
7. Clevedon DAM Thyers 481 pts
8. A4 Oxford Match Group 479 pts
9. Stainforth & District 471 pts
10. Browning Scunthorpe 468 pts.

1. Dave Vincent (Bowlers AC) 56.010 kg
2. Richie Hull (Garbolino MAP Starlets) 48.700 kg
3. Colin Mayor (Keenets North West) 40.660 kg
4. Brett Copper (Hansford Match Group) 37.230 kg
5. Dave Harpin (A4 Oxford Match Group) 33.900 kg
6. Ken Goldsbury (Burton Mutual AA) 33.800 kg.
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