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Jonathan Sutcliffe-Bland

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Dec 5, 2019
Hi Tim,

I am gutted to hear that the magazine as we know it is coming to an end. I have read your magazine since I started fishing in 1983 when I was aged 11, I'm now 47. Remembering the likes of Frank Barlow and Dave Coster. Attached are photos of my daughter Rosie Sutcliffe-Bland. She too has the angling bug aged only 4 years old and enjoys flicking through your magazine guessing the type of fish on show. I'm a canal angler through and through and as I don't drive I transport my gear from front door to the canal and back on my Frenzee HGV trolley. This can be a 4 mile round trip. Since Rosie was 1 year old her mum Michelle, my wife has brought her down to see me on the bank. She loves nothing more than hitching a lift back up home on my trolley. Now that she's almost 5 and has learnt to swim she is now my fishing buddy. During the early stages of Covid 19 she caught her first fish, a 4oz Roach. But has caught plenty more since. She is totally hooked, that much so Peppa Pig has been sidelined. She saw a pink fishing set online and I've promised her it for Christmas. I'm hoping Rosie will be the next Emma Pickering by representing the England ladies team in 2031. I met Emma's dad Tommy in 1990 at an Anglers World roadshow and he's been my angling hero ever since. Hopefully I can mentor Rosie like Tommy did Emma. I was lucky as a teen being affiliated to several junior clubs and teams around Bradford and Leeds. Nowadays in our local area of Bingley junior clubs cease to exist. I'm no longer a match angler which gives me quality time to coach Rosie in the art of cut fishing. Teach her about watercraft. How to use her loaf with the punch, my own forte. And how to become a thinking angler.

Here's to the future, for yourselves and Rosie...

Tight Lines
Jonathan Sutcliffe-Bland


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